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Trâm Anh


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Trâm Anh (formerly known as Andy) Nguyễn is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in documentary & experimental filmmaking based in Vietnam & Toronto.

As a Southeast Asian trans person, he wishes to continue in creating more projects that reflect on gender & cultural identity – as well as portraying themes of vulnerability & memory into his work.

He also works as a freelance & conceptual photographer & videographer.
He currently attends the School of Image Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University.
Binding documentation & storytelling across mediums, with a backdrop of silent poetry, whether conveyed through the written word or visual imagery, presents explorations of queerness & its intricate politics, as well as, but not separating from his Vietnamese familial roots.
To look with a softened gaze, to be free from Western individualism, he later finds a profound understanding in the complex nature & interconnectedness of all beings.
Beyond his body of work, universal themes of vulnerability, of tenderness, of longing, of hope, of grief, of gentleness, of resilience, of dreaming, of belonging, & of remembering, are woven together.

Collectively revealing themselves in more subtle or conscious ways, in the fleeting moments captured, in the lingering knowing of what remains when something, someone, or some memory has passed on, images survive as reminders.  
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