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Trâm Anh


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Trâm Anh (formerly known as Andy) Nguyễn is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in filmmaking and photography based in Vietnam & Toronto.

As a Southeast Asian trans person, he wishes to continue in creating more projects that reflect on gender & cultural identity – as well as portraying themes of vulnerability & memory into his work.

He also works as a freelance & conceptual photographer & videographer.
He currently attends the School of Image Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University.
Binding documentation & storytelling across mediums, with a backdrop of silent poetry, whether conveyed through the written word or visual imagery, presents explorations of queerness & its intricate politics, as well as, but not separating from his Vietnamese familial roots.
To look with a softened gaze in his body of work, universal themes of vulnerability, of tenderness, of longing, of hope, of grief, of gentleness, of resilience, of dreaming, of belonging, & of remembering, are woven together.
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